Osinachi’s Husband Peter Nwachukwu A True Definition Of The Devils Spawn?

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Looking into all the shocking details about the kind of relationship gospel singer Osinachi Nwachukwu had with the father of her children, Peter Nwachuku, it is now obvious that this man never loved her and planned to ruin Osinaji’s life from the first day he set eyes on her. Peter Nwachukuw of Anambra State is reportedly around 50 years of age. By profession, he is a pastor at Dunamis International Gospel Church, where his wife Osinachi is one of the lead singers.

Osinachi’s elderly mother, during her interview with BBC Igbo, shed tears narrating the kind of hot-headed man her talented, calm and religious daughter got herself involved with. The clearly broken mother said since her daughter Osiachi got married to Peter, she never knew peace, and neither did her daughter. He took Osinachi as his personal property and gave her no respect whatsoever. The death of the 42-year-old renowned gospel singer and mother of four who sadly passed away on Friday, April 8, after spending days at the National Hospital in Abuja, has indeed shocked everyone to the bone marrow. Colleagues of the lead singer at the Dunamis International Headquarters in Abuja, 24 hours after her passing, began to accuse her husband, Peter Nwachukwu, of beating her to death after he announced that she died of throat cancer.

The sad outcry from people who knew the singer flooded the internet and resulted in the arrest of her husband over alleged culpable homicide on Sunday, April 10th evening. The arrest did not stop the accusations about Peter being the cause of his wife’s demise pouring from those who know them personally. The couples gateman, neighbours, and even clients who worked with Osinache testify that it felt like hell trying to book the singer for a gig through her husband, who acted as her manager. Apart from all the money she earned going into his account. Pauline Tallen, minister of women’s affairs, has also confirmed that the late gospel singer had no bank account of her own. Her husband was also in charge of all her business affairs and social media accounts. The only money Osinachi could keep was cash in hands she earned from secret gigs and gifts given to her during events. According to Osinachi’s elder sister, Favour Mmadu, After the wedding, Peter shut off her family from seeing Osinachi completely and wouldn’t allow any of her siblings, their mother or even Osinachi’s identical twin sister to communicate or work with her. Amarachi Eze, her twin sister, cried out and confessed that her talented twin sister Osincachi could have gone far in her music career with her powerful voice today.

Sadly, her husband Peter kept pulling her down by detecting what, when and how she does things. Did Peter Nwachukwu see Osinachi as a cash cow the first time he heard her voice? Could this be why he needed to end his previous relationship? #Osinachi #OsinachiNwachukwu #PeterNwachukwu #OsinachiNwachukuwdeath

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