She Discarded Her Fiancé Who Had Two Hands Complete To Marry Me – One-Armed Wood Cutter

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A woodcutter, Kabiru Alhassan, from Kano and has only one hand that assists him to cut firewood for a living, expressed that her wife sent her fiancé away when he showed interest.

Kabiru whose marriage is 13 years old now emphasized that his wife has never made him one day to remind him of his dire situation. According to how he met his wife, the woodcutter stated that she was willing to send the man who was with her already away when he showed genuine interest in tieing the knot with her.

The woodcutter is the poster boy for the motivational quote ‘never give up’.  Kabiru Alhassan didn’t allow his situation to become a barrier to his career, he posses kids and happily lived with them.

How Wood Cutter, Kabiru Alhassan Lost His One Of His Hands

BBC News Pidgin Narrated how Kabiru fell from a tree and broke his hand with his friends when they travelled to the village.

After the uncontrolled landing, he was rushed to a traditional bone setter who helped fix his broken arm. Weeks later, the fixed arm would begin to rotten and thus he was taken to the hospital where a doctor had it cut off. The incident happened 22 years ago.

How his wife rejected her fiancé Kabiru was full of praises for his wife of 13 years for accepting him despite his predicament. In a video shared by @bbcnewspidgin on Instagram, the Kano resident recalled how his wife rejected her fiancé who had two hands when he indicated an interest in her. He said, her lover then had gone far to the point of doing an introduction but she still chose him over the man. On the wood cutting business, the father of 4 said he makes N1500 to N2000 on some days and wishes to move to another line of business that wouldn’t warrant him overusing his remaining hand.

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