Spotted: Davido’s Pregnant Wife-To-Be Chioma Goes Baby-Shopping For Friend

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A picture of Chioma, the girlfriend and imminent wife of popular Nigerian afro singer Davido, shopping for baby clothes have emerged online.
The beauty queen who got the biggest assurance of her life in London earlier this month when superstar boyfriend and longtime lover took another giant leap towards tieing the Knox with her was spotted in an infant boutique making purchase of ‘soon to be needed’ baby wears.
In a photo shared on her Instagram page, Chioma was seen holding a blue baby dungaree paired with a white baby shirt.
But those eagerly waiting to see her don the dungaree jean and white mini shirt on her baby would have to sit back and wait much longer as it seems like she was only preparing for the future by putting her baby-shopping skills to test.
The elegant young lady would soon reveal she only went shopping for her friend who seems to be ahead of her in the delivery horse race. She looked stunning with her baby glow.
Not to get all superstitious or predictive on you, Chibaby, but if we’re to follow the myth about baby glows, then you might be making selections of classic female baby clothes when you decide to go on your own baby shopping spree.
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