Is Burnaboy the Highest-Paid Artist In The History of African Music As Claimed?

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“I said money doesn’t satisfy me and it’s my Truth buy it Doesn’t change the fact that I’m the highest-paid artist in the History of African music. Believe it or not.”

Those were the words of Damini Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy. He has, in a tweet, stated his financial worth in a way that has got people wondering. Early this year, the ”anybody” crooner who won a GRAMMY last year, has made it known that the year will be all about love and light.

I guess he understood that his arrogance and trouble-making was becoming the talk of the town, so he decided to mellow down. However horrible, his tweet is what I’ll consider being another attempt to be controversial, and another attempt to be in the news again.

For someone who is not in the Top 5 list of Forbes Richest African Artistes, I wonder what gave him the impression. We all know Wizkid has been the highest-earning artist for some time now, and how he easily shots down global arenas are testaments to his credibility.

Wizkid was once paid 50million Rupees for a one-hour performance for Indian Royals.  There is another event where he was paid about two hundred thousand dollars. There are other instances. Event managers make this known to the public, but we’ve barely heard anything about Burna Boy’s fees.

For someone as loud-mouthed as he is, we wouldn’t rest, if he was the one that received some of the payments Wizkid received. Yes, it’s true his fees changed after he won the Grammy, but he isn’t the rave of the moment.

Wizkid has been the rave of the moment for a long time, and would likely clinch a GRAMMY in the next Award Night coming up on April 4th. When he does, Burna won’t even be bragging about the GRAMMY any longer.

Yes, Burna’s fees increased since winning the award, but Wizkid plays more high-profile shows than him, and it is rude of Burna to allot such authority to himself.

“Essence” has taken Wizkid to more places of monetary importance than any other Nigerian artist for now.

I think Burna isn’t done with his controversial stands on certain things. He likes being talked about, and that tweet goes a long way to say a lot about a man who stated that this will be a year of light and love, as against his previous years of being in the news for certain ugly issues.

Until we see receipts and stands of event managers and booking outlets, Burna can’t arrogate such importance to himself, unless we want to be assuming things instead of following logic.

Written by: Edward Amah

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