Exclusive Interview with Nicki Moore Producer ‘Desperate Mission’ Set to Premiere Friday, Jan 25th

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Nollywood actress and filmmaker Nicki Moore is set to premiere her producer debut – ‘Desperate Mission’ directed by Uche Odoputa at Odeon cinema Greenwich on Friday, January 25th.

During our interview with the London based actress, she talked about progressing from tv host to acting and the struggle that comes as an independent filmmaker.

Actress and Producer: Nickie Moore



Hello, Nicki, We know you as a UK based actress and movie producer, can you please introduce your self?

My name is Nicki Moore, I am a tv presenter and an actress and the CEO of Nicki Moore media production.
I base in London.

When did you decide to become an actress and how long have you been producing your own movie?

I came into the industry as a tv presenter and red carpet host on afro beat tv.
Then I venture into acting because I love entertainment, now what motivates me to produce is because some people don’t believe in one’s talent and I believe that I have got something to bring to the industry.

Nickie Moore and Uche Odoputa during production

You have a feature-length movie ‘Desperate Mission’ premiering at Odeon Cinema on the 25th of January. Can you briefly tell us the synopsis of this movie and what the movie is all about?

DESPERATE MISSION is a story of a young lady who was cheated by her boyfriend back home in Africa. She later relocated to London where she fall in love with a white man.
As time progress, Malik her ex-boyfriend came to London and they both carried on from where the stopped years back, but will it last? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

What inspired you to write and produce this story?

We all have talent and a story to tell. Telling a story is a way to educate and enlighten people about what is going on in our world.  I want to educate and create more awareness about these things.

Nickie Moore on the set of Desperate Mission

What are the challenges you faced during the production of Desperate Mission?

Yes, there are a lot of challenges being an independent producer, finance and location and the top two I have come to realise, but God has been faithful.

Can you also list some of the best moments during the production and making of the movie?

Wow, one of the best memory is when the actors work under pressure still not minding, the love was so real and the support on set was amazing.

You have a co-producer who worked with you in the making of this movie, tell us more about how this came to be.

Yes, my co-producer is called Rosie Emma. She is a hard worker and she loves entertainment also an actress.

The Making of Desperate Mission

What should London movie lovers expect from Desperate Mission movie?

Yes, Londoners should expect nothing but amazing work. The story is all about love, suspense betrayal and much more.

Desperate Mission features some popular faces from London Nollywood, was it difficult casting the right actors?

I agree, casting the right actors was a bit difficult because we have to work with the best and not on sentiment if you know what I mean. At the end of the day, we managed to make it happen, just make sure you attend the premiere to get what I mean.

Before debuting your own movie, what other movies have you worked in?

I have featured in several movies which include;

  • My London slave
  • Tears of silver
  • Transmission
  • The saviour
  • Kissing shadows
  • Ndi ozeoma
    And many more
Nickie Moore on the set of Epic Nollywood movie

How can one purchase tickets? Will tickets be sold at the door?

For tickets, Nollywood movie lovers can call  07908459977, and yes tickets can be purchased at the door on the 25th of January from 8pm. And there’s an after-party not to be missed.

Thank you very much for your time and Congratulations on your movie debut. We look forward to seeing you on the red carpet on the 25th of January.

Premiere Date: January 25th

Venue: Odeon Cinema Greenwich, Bugsby Way, London SE10 0q

Time: Red carpet starts at 8 pm

Tickets: £20 

VIP £35

Call  07908459977

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