Ini Edo Setting Standard For Women Who Find Marriage & Babies Difficult To Achieve After Some Time? (Video)

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When Nollywood actress Ini Edo revealed that she had welcomed a child and her baby is almost a year old, she broke the internet not only Nigerian’s but across Africa as many began to weigh in on her decision to become a single mother via surrogacy.

Interestingly before she opened up, rumours circulated that she welcomed a baby. With Celebrities being able to show you only what they want to see on the internet, like carrying a whole pregnancy for nine months while posting old pictures of themselves, the story was taken with a pinch of salt. But the Nollywood actress found the need to set the records straight after rumours began circulating that one of her good friends, a happily married man, is the father of her baby. So when popular Blogger/Journalist Stella Dimoko Korkus reached out to her to tell her side of the story, she did not hesitate to lay bare her truth.

Among many other shocking revelations, Ini Edo confirmed that her quest to avoid social media drama and child custody battles that come with parenting a child drove her to choose surrogacy with an anonymous donor option. Is Ini Edo setting the standard for African women and men who find it difficult to find love and marriage but still crave the joys of motherhood?

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