Maduka Okoye, African Cup Of Nation & Nigerian Girls

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Without a doubt, the Nigerian super eagle’s team started on the right foot and got massive commendation at the beginning of the African Cup of Nations games in Cameroon. The team first knocked off the Pharaohs of Egypt, followed by the Falcons of Jediane, before they were rudely sent home on Sunday, January 23rd, after Tunisia’s Youssef Msakni’s dipping shot caught Super Eagles goalkeeper Maduka Okoye off guard. Interestingly, just before they were sent home, Maduka Okoye, the team member rocking the number 1 jersey instantly became a supper Eagle star and the centre of attention, especially from Nigerian female fans.

This will become the 22-year-old football star’s first appearance for a major tournament. Maduka Okoye was commended not only for his football skills but also for his good looks, as he ticked all the right boxes for typical Nigerian ladies. After spotting him for the first time, they immediately began shooting their shot on his Twitter and Instagram page. More interestingly, the number of female fans watching the AFCON multiplied sporadically. Meanwhile, as married men and boyfriends caution Maduka Okoye to leave social media, die-hard football fans urged women to stop distracting him from bringing the medals home. Sadly they were not far from the truth as reality hit when Nigerian least expected.

In the rave of the moment, Nigerians were forced to make a U-turn of their affirmation and love after Super Eagles got defeated by Tunisia in 1 Nail round of 16 games, breaking millions of hearts. Maduka Okoye came under heavy attack that forced him to deactivate the comment section of his Instagram account amid threats from sad Nigerians. Who is Maduka Okoye? Did his good looks and swag get in the way of the game? #MadukaOkoye #WhoIsMadukaOkoye #SuperEaglesMadukaOkoye

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