Princess Ashley Folashade & Her Romantic Connect With The Ooni Of Ife

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While reports of divorce, reconciliation and forgiveness are still blossoming in the Ooni of Ife’s home, many wonder why Olori Naomi hasn’t taken down her divorce post from her Instagram page. However, Queen Naomi’s explosive divorce news drew massive attention to the alleged new Olori taking over her place.

The black beauty by the name Princess Ashley Folashade Adegoke has been spotted a few times with the Ooni. In this video from a few months ago, you wouldn’t need a soothsayer to tell you that the body language of the Ooni’s affection is longing for her while her eyes are equally fixed on the Ooni as well regardless of the crowd. While many are in disbelief, it looks like Princess Ashley, who now prides herself as Aya Oba and calls the monarch her crown jewel, had known that Queen Naomi’s days in the Palace were numbered days before she announced her divorce to the Ooni.

Ashley on her Instagram page had put up a post said to as a subtle shade at Queen Naomi. She described herself as an alpha female, who knows her power, and as a result, work in silence, adding that life is full of pretenders, but she slays them all. Who is Princess Ashley Folashade Adegoke? Is she romantically involved with the Ooni of Ife? Is there more to this black beauty than her evident love for white outfits? Is she the reason Queen Naomi told the world via social media that she is done with the Ife monarch? #OoniOfIfe #Olori #OoniOfIfeNewWife

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