The Many Times Nollywood Actress JUDY AUSTIN COPIED MAY Yul Edochie & Low Key Hyping Her Man

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Hours after Nollywood actor Yul Edochie announced the birth of his son with his college turned baby mama turned wife, Judy Austin, on Wednesday, April 27th and set social media agog. Despite being in shock, people started diffing have were shocked to find several posts where Judy Austine was hyping and praising Yul Edochie as they worked together since 2016.

So while his wife of 17 years was posting anniversaries, birthdays and cheering her husband for all the successful work he has been doing so far, both at home as a father and in the entertainment industry, little did she know that his baby mama, Judy Austin was also low key praising her man and calling him her best friend, a legend and her man. As the director and actor in several of her movies, Judy Austin posted Yul Edochie on her timeline many times over the years.

At first, many thought it was her own little way of showing appreciation for all he does for her. Interestingly, when you look at it now, you’ll know that the signs have all been there. The question now is, Has Yul Edochie been dating Judy Austin as far back as 2016? Without wasting any time, let’s check out some of the few times Judy lowkey hyped Yul Edochie on social media without his wife noticing. #YulEdochie #MayEdochie #JudyAustin #Nollywood #YulandJudyAustin #YulandMayEdochie

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