What Happened To Alaafin Of Oyo 13 Wives After His Death?

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Following the monarch’s burial according to Islamic rites, an Oyo chief has come out to explain what the fate of his queens and children will become. Confirming the monarch left behind 18 widows and over 24 children, the chief said they would be asked to vacate the palace with all their belongings, after which all the properties of the king would be shared among them. In Yoruba tradition, it is believed that when a woman becomes separated from a king, she is not allowed to sleep with another man until she undergoes some form of spiritual cleaning; else, the man she lays will die.

However, in the case of the wives of the late Alaafin of Oyo, the chief said that they do not need any special cleansing and are now very much available to suitors who wish to marry them. But, they are not permitted to marry an indigene of Oyo. Surely, the older Olori’s may not be looking forward to marriage again, but the younger wives cannot say the same, who mainly have one or two children for the late king. #AlaafinOfOyo #AlaafinOfOyeWives #AlaafinOfOyochildren

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