What Is Singer Flavour & Nigeria’s Most Talk About Prophet “Odumeje The Indaboski” Up To? | See

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Veteran singer Chinedu Okoli professionally known by his stage name Flavour is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He began his musical career as a drummer for a local church. Flavour is popularly known across Africa and the world for his hit song “Nwa Baby“.

Chinedu Okoli a.k.a Flavour

 On 21st July 2020 the talented musician got fans “wowing” with deep curiosity when he was pictured making a music record with a popular Nigerian “Most-Talk-About” prophet  of the Year “Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere” aka “Odumeje” a.K.a “The Lion” a.K.a “The fight” a.K.a “The liquid metal” a.k.a “INDABOSKI”. 

Veteran Nigerian singer Flavour with Prophet Odumeje a.k.a The Liquid Metal
Indaboski The Prophet

The prophet who is the General Overseer Of Mountain Of Holy Ghost Intervention And Deliverance Ministry, has since been dubbed “the smack down pastor” because of the similarity of his moves to WWE Wrestling matches when he was delivering his church member from demonic spirit. Watch some of his church WWE action videos below.


Indaboski the action man

If I knack somebody on a chair; you don’t ask me, the man of God this is not the way we are doing miracles. Who born you, wher do you come from, what do you know about spiritual. You talk when a dead man talking.” Unquote: Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere Odumeje a.k.a INDABOSKI 

Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere Odumeje and his beautiful family
The prophetic lion himself!

The talented 36-year-old singer (Flavour) is known for his combination (production) of gospel music and hip hop songs respectively, while pastor Odumeje a.k.a “The Lion himself” is known for his funny slangs and gimmicks whenever he preaches in his church; he also made such funny phenomenons present in his own song (he is a gospel singer). Watch the video of prophet Indaboski’s visit with Afrobeats singer Flavour below.




Comments from Fans of prophet Indaboski Odumeje and veteran singer Flavour
Comments from Fans

With all the dramatic nature from the prophet in the (visit) video, the new look (hairstyle) and swag from Flavour and Indaboski have got fans more curious and they can’t wait to see the product of their new song! 

Prophet Odumeje a.k.a Indaboski (The man of God) enthusiastically taking a cool photo with Nigerian singer Flavour, during his visit to the musician’s home

Nevertheless, according to some Nigerian observers, prophet Odumeje is mostly seen (having a good time) with Nollywood actors, so because of that, most people assumed prophet Odumeje as a comedic and dramatic fake pastor.

Pastor Indaboski with some Nollywood actors

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