When It Comes To Me And My Wife We Are Together Forever – JJC Skillz Opens Up About Marriage To Funke Akindele

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Nigerian rapper and songwriter Abdulrasheed Bello popular known as JJC Skillz has provided updates on his relationship with his estranged wife Funke Akindele.

In a recent interview, JJC Skillz said, when it comes to me and my wife, we are together forever when it comes to our children and what we produced.

Recalling, the Nollywood actress Funke Akindele second marriage had failed aimed controversy.

Funke Akindele First got married to Adeola Kehinde Oloyede on May 26, 2012, In July 2013 the marriage splinted , citing their irreconcilable differences.

In May 2016 Akindele found love again and got married to JJC Skillz, and the wedding took place in London.

Unfortunately, their union crashed, it was during the week JJC announced the end of their 7 year old marriage which was blessed with two children.

JJC Skillz said also that their union has been having issues for more than two years.

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Before JJC got married to Funke Akindele, he has three kids with different women, he said Akindele asked to leave her house refused any form of amicable communication with him.

Mr Bello stated that crash of their union has gone beyond repairs and he has been looking for a simple way for them to come over together as husband and wife again and manage their joint business.

Recalling the chat with The Sun Newspaper, Mr Bello said truly his marriage with Funke can’t work again, he went ahead to advice the young ones who are yet to go into the marriage institution.

“The separation is for good. It’s in God’s hands. However my my marriage advise to all is to always love your spouse like your sibling or parents. We are made to believe that in marriage, two becomes one, so forgive and forget and take it day at a time.

However, all the efforts made to hear the actress own side of the story was in vain.

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