Why Do Babies Show Funny & Amazing Facial Expressions?

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one may ask: Why do babies make funny and Amazing Facial Expressions? either :

1. What it means and why do some babies show funny  FACIAL EXPRESSIONS?

2. Are they aware of their funny FACIAL EXPRESSION?

3. Can babies control their FACIAL EXPRESSIONS?

4. And at what age do babies show funny FACIAL EXPRESSIONS?


A facial expression is one or more motions or positions of the muscles beneath the skin of the face. Babies show facial expressions that correspond to all of the basic emotions such as, interest, joy, surprise, anger, sadness, disgust, and fear. These emotions can be experienced one at a time, but more often they blend into many different combinations. Newborns can only see about 8 to 12 inches right in front of them, says HealthyChildren.org. Babies soak up their environments, and one of the best ways they learn is by watching you. In their attempts to mimic you, they end up making some pretty funny faces. 

Because babies lack Muscle Control; Newborns don’t just have poor eye muscles, they have weak muscles in their faces, as well. Their movements can easily become uncoordinated, resulting in strange and funny faces. You are most likely to see this happen when your baby is feeling sleepy.

 Do babies know when they show the funny FACIAL EXPRESSION? & Can they control these FACIAL EXPRESSIONS?

No, psychologically they don’t know. Your baby’s facial expression reflects the emotions they are feeling at that moment, and are not intentional.

Also, an infant can’t control all facial expression because the muscles are not strong yet, but babies can control their facial expression as they gradually develop and growing simultaneously by using their body system.

At what age do BABIES show funny FACIAL EXPRESSIONS?

According to research, we found out that infants up to the age of two months are incapable of displaying facial expressions, gestures or speech. Instead, any exaggerated movements the newborns make are simply because they are responding to excitement to the interaction. After two months, your newborn, however, should be able to smile in response to your smile, respond to a bell in some way, vocalize in other ways besides crying.

Does your baby display funny facial expressions?  Feel free to tell us more about it on the comment section down below. If you have any questions, you can also comment.

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